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Your Life Isn't Over ~
It May Have Just Begun!

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Chock full of tips, hints, and inside information people with diabetes need to know, this easily readable and highly inspiring 184-page book is the one Rebecca Hensley wanted and couldn't find when she was diagnosed diabetic herself in 2008. Read more on

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To Equality

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Rebecca Hensley fought White Supremacy for decades in prisons, universities, and even confrontations with the KKK before discovering that her family once held hundreds of African-American slaves. In this book, she lays bare her dramatic story in the hope that the truth will -- as often promised -- set her, her ancestors, and her readers free. Read more on

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Rebecca presents 366 mini-biographies of women throughout history and around the world who didn't "act right." These true stories are not about women who picketed for the vote. They're about women who took scalps, rode into battle on horseback at the head of their own troops, or went to the North Pole alone.

Meet Rebecca.

Rebecca Hensley is smart, unapologetic, and wants to change the world.

She teaches sociology courses on race, class, gender, and sexuality at a public university in the deep south.

Her blog on race relations ( has been visited 450,000 times in nearly 200 countries.

Her blog on in-your-face women ( holds 366 mini-bios - one for every day of a year - about women from across time and around the world who... did not act right.

Rebecca expects to soon release a memoir about her life as a way to examine race relations in the United States.

She works hard to manage her diabetes because she's just warming up.

Watch Her Story.

A lifelong dedication to empowerment for all people.